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Pulverised: New Album, New Member

Pulverised: New Year, New Album, New Member….

Happy new year you crazy bastards!

That’s right, 2012 is here, the year in which we’ll see the end of the world (or the purchase of a new Mayan calendar) and a new brutal death metal album. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

First things first, our new album “Abortus Instantus” is out now! It’s entirely self produced and we’re really proud of it. If you want a copy, just drop us a line on the mail and we’ll make sure it gets to you in one way or another.
The release party was on December 26th at our homebase, Rock Cafe ‘De Engel’. Much love and thanks to everyone who came out to support us that night, you guys are awesome! There’s also some footage of that night with the appropriate crackle of an overwhelmed

cellphone mic: Telephone Footage!

And a preview of the title track (and of course soon to be hit single)

Abortus Instantus: ABORTUS INSTANTUS Thanks to ronuz666 for putting it up there!

Next up, we’ve got a new member! The madman called Dennis Onsia was kind enough to help us out on guitar for the release party, because we were in dire need of a second guitarist. The gig went so well that the temporary arrangement turned into a permanent one, and we have now officially welcomed him as our new guitarist! (Or Shredbeast from Hell, the job description is flexible).

So now as we turn to the future, we’ll be looking for gigs to play, venues to ravage and mountains to impregnate. Be on the look out and come by and say hi if we’re ever in your neighbourhood! We’ll always have a Juttertje for our fans.

If those damn Mayans won’t end the world I’ll swear to Struikelgraf we’ll do it ourselves!

Dennis Onsia on guitar


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