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Pulverised Hits the studio! *last update wednesday 12 Oct*

12 October Second update


So here’s the second update, we recorded a new song yesterday with the working title “BAFTAK” . We had couple of hiccups (hi-tom sounding like shite and no red bull) but nailed the song within 3 hours non the less.

After that we went to our HQ ‘De Engel’ had some coffee and some bockbeer. Cees created some nice artwork for our whiteboard it also keeps track of our progress.

On thursday the 13th we will continue to record the last drum track and start on the bass guitar check back before the weekend for another update.

10 October First update

Hello guys and galls, we are back in the studio we started last friday 7 October and this is the first update of many we currently have 3 drum tracks recorded and we are hoping to start on the bass guitar soon! so here are some pics check back tomorrow!.


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