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Pulverised is back

Aaaaaaaand we’re back! After a couple of months of silence, due to various reasons, we have returned to rip the world, nay, the universe a new one.

It’s been a quiet couple of months but that doesn’t mean we’ve been sitting on our backsides. We’ve been writing and recording like proverbial auditory maniacs in preparation of the release of our new album, much like one would unleash a certain aquatic horror.
Before we unleash said monster unto the world, we first have to trap it in audio form, which is what we’ll be doing the coming month or two: recording in the studio.
When all is grunted and done, the next step in our ongoing adventure will be hitting the stages of the Low Countries once again, pandering our musical treats like girlscouts from hell.

Meanwhile we’re also still looking for a second guitar player. It’s a tough job filling Cris’ shoes but hopefully we can find someone up to the task.

So that’s it, keep checking back here often because we’ll be informing you of the happenings, as they happen.

Keep it brutal!


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