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Pulverised – Abortus Instantus

Finally, you perverted miscreants, the video is done!

After filming in 2D, upscaling to 3D and even 4D before deciding double D’s are quite enough, here it is! The sick and twisted abomination that is the video for Abortus Instantus, sprouted from our deranged little minds.

Following once again the demented experiments of the ever maniacal Dr. Paling, it’s a feast for the seagulls who will be cleaning up your vomit after this. Many thanks go out to everyone who helped in creating this wonderful piece of gore! Now get a bucket and enjoy!

Special thanks to: Rick Jongman and Dennis Looij

Filming: Robert Hoekstra, Marc van Doorn, Dennis Onsia, Rick Jongman
Editing: Robert Hoekstra


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